Retirement Planning Workflow Management

Send out retirement surveys and access customer information in one place
retirement survey

Collect customer information quickly and efficiently saving time on lengthy interviews.

Send your customers a personalised link so they can tell you what you need to know in the comfort of their own home, at their own speed. No need to wait and watch. Your customers will use an engaging and simple to follow process that helps them imagine their retirement. They tell you the things you need to know without you being there.

customer segmentation

Full 360 degree view of your customers for segmentation

Once your customers have completed the experience, you get notified automatically. You can see all your customer responses in one place, see the same reports your customer gets and be prepared for the next step – whether that is face to face, via video, or completely digital.

Campaign builder

Personalised communication without manually sending emails

Need to notify your clients of important information? The Client Portal allows you to segment your clients and email them personalised details in bulk – saving your time, but making your customers feel valued.

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