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Thinking of taking $10k from Super?

What impact will taking $10k from your super have on your retirement plans? You need a personalised plan to answer that first.

What Does Personality Have To Do With Retirement Planning?

The role personality plays in what language people listen – and react – to, has been at the heart of advertising for decades. We all react slightly differently to what we see and read.

Monte Carlo Simulation and Sequencing Risk

Further to the companion pieces on Robust Portfolio Construction and Expected Return Process, we now delve into the idea of putting the pieces together to customise portfolios that can adapt to personalised requirements.

How Much Will I Spend In Retirement?

ASFA publishes a standard “budget” that retirees can plan their spending around – for singles and couples and for a modest lifestyle and a comfortable one.

Follow up to Thinking about retirement risk (again)

After last week’s piece on uncertainty (and to answer some questions that were asked from it), I would like to add a bit more depth to some of the results I highlighted.

Robo Financial Retirement Planning 1.0

Please forgive me if this sounds like a rant against simplistic approaches to projections, but I guess that is what it basically is. I’m going to ignore all the customer-focused aspects of this for now and simply focus on the anchoring bias I see in a lot of implementations of the calculations. Bad assumptions = bad outcomes.

Thinking about retirement risk (again)

Some months ago, I wrote a piece on retirement risk and what really matters to people. It was part of our ongoing desire to build an evidence-based approach to fill the gaps in the retirement planning process and enable people to make more informed choices.

The equity risk premium – an article of faith or reality?

We see an increasing number of robo-advisers joining the investment community and offering model portfolios to investors based on a couple of questions to assess risk tolerance and then pigeonhole them into a model portfolio masquerading as digital advice.

What makes a happy retirement?

The journey towards retirement is long and pretty complex. But where will that journey actually take you? At OnTrack we understand that retirement is about more than just money, but our evidence-based approach meant we needed to find out how much more.

When you see the word “Robo”

There is a whole generation of retail investors, new to planning their own investments, that are almost certainly going to learn the lesson that bad assumptions generate bad outcomes. No matter how many times the terms “robo” and “fintech” are put into a pitch.

Risk in retirement – does volatility matter?

Like beauty, risk is based on the perception of the beholden investor. However, the most espoused measure of risk is the degree of dispersion in units over varying time periods – aka volatility.

Portfolio construction – value versus risk

If your portfolio construction doesn’t have a way to model a diverse range of environments, then your portfolio has likely been optimised by IT people, not portfolio construction people.

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