Who is OnTrack for?

Whether you are a Financial Planner or an HR Manager, OnTrack helps you help your customers and employees

Qualify leads & update records

Hi, I’m Helen – an independent financial planner with just over 10 years of experience helping my clients through the ups and downs of financial planning. My problem is that it has become increasingly more expensive to service my clients. It is getting to the point where some just won’t be able to justify the fees – even though they are all happy with their outcomes. Well most anyway.

When I get a lead from either my website, social media or a referral, I can automatically send them an invitation to go through the OnTrack Digital Retirement Planner. It has my branding and the emails come from me. At the end, the customer gets a Retirement Check-up – a 20-page summary of all the choices they have made and the effect they will have on their retirement goals. I can see the report and export tons of relevant information the customer gives me through the tool.

What OnTrack does for me is make sure that all my client records are kept in one place that I can access from anywhere, lets my new customers “self-service” the initial stage of the process – some of the most time-consuming parts like the fact find and notifies me if a new customer needs help. My lead generation has increased substantially with very little time wasted on my part – it means I get to focus on the important things that keep my clients happy.

HR Manager

Help employees with their retirement goals

I’m James and I’m responsible for HR at a small manufacturing company. We have about 30 employees - most of who have been with us for 15 years or more. It’s fair to say we have an aging workforce, I guess. When I was talking to our employees about how we could help them better, one of our longest serving – Mary – approached me privately about her concerns around her future. She was a single mum in her 50s with a live at home adult child and the idea retirement really scared her.

OnTrack offered all our employees a private way of finding out how their choices today would affect their retirement plans. Looking into the future can be confronting for some people but the way OnTrack handles the process was reassuringly simple and clear. It gave Mary straight forward answers to the questions she had without all the jargon commonly associated with savings product sales pitches. Mary brought her results into me and we went through them together. You could visibly see the relief on her face. Not all our employees want to discuss what they see, but for those that do, we can help them plan better.

What has it meant for the business? Our employees have a lot less stress about longer term financial issues. People still worry about paying their mortgage off faster, but they do it with some longer-term context. I think offering the service to our employees has given me a better connection to them and shows we care about more than just making another widget faster.


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