OnTrack Plugs-in, Simplifies, Complies, Retains

This is what AI was made for; translating behavioural insights, personal circumstance and contextual reality into a completely personal life-map (physical/mental health, wealth, adapting to change).

Low cost. High Engagement. White-labelled. Expandable. Complementary

  • OnTrack is a powerful purpose-built engine, combining extensive evidence-based research around psychometrics, financial market behaviour, regulatory contexts, and human realities.
  • It simply plugs into existing interfaces as a credible tool component of a wider product offering
  • Customers undertake a simple short online journey of self-discovery, whilst OnTrack’s algorithm undertakes more than 60 million reckonings. All in the comfort of their own privacy  and at their leisure.
  • Outputs are highly accurate and completely relevant – providing a blueprint for improved product matching.
  • Consultations can easily be revisited at any time, providing updated navigation dynamics and scenarios for users, whilst dramatically increasing ongoing engagement for Financial Planner or Employer brands.
  • OnTrack works with your planners – helping them funnel leads while taking the admin headache away